What is this famed Liner House?

Liner House is all about homemade entertainment! Now you may be asking yourself ,"What is homemade entertainment". We're so glad you asked! Homemade Entertainment is simply content created by a family, in our case a family of filmmakers. All of us wear different hats, sometimes we're writers, sometimes we're cooks, sometimes we're actors but all the time we're whatever the story requires. The main thing is that we serve each other and we serve the story and the end results are videos and other content that make you feel good. Kind of the same way homemade cookies make you feel.

Meet The Family

Stefan Liner

Stefan has loved entertaining people since he was a four year old doing the monkey dance on the hood of his parents car for anyone who would stop and give him the attention. Now as a "grown man" Stefan entertains people by creating original content on YouTube with the rest of the folks at Liner House Productions.  But his experience doesn't stop there. From writing, directing and producing commercials, to acting as 1st AD on a film set in the Mojave Desert, to creating beautiful music videos, Stefan has proven he can get the job done and keep it on schedule.

Miles Rice

Miles is a born entertainer with years of stage and screen experience. Due to his extensive acting training Miles is not only powerful in front of the camera but has had vast opportunity to work as an acting coach with particular strengths in working with children. Miles met Stefan on the set of an indie film where Miles was the leading man and soon discovered they had similar interests and goals.  Since that meeting Miles has become an indispensable member of the Liner House family.

Robin Liner

Robin has been involved in the entertainment industry for most of her life. She began as a recording artist and songwriter touring at home and abroad for nearly a decade until switching her efforts to other forms of writing. She has written several children's books, written and directed several one act plays and is now one of the content developers and head writers in the Liner House family of creatives. Not only is she a great storyteller but she's also an amazing cook and is the main reason why Liner House crews are so well fed.

Moriah Burchfield

Moriah received her education in film through Western Carolina University.  Soon after graduating she found herself working as Stefan's 2nd AD on the set of When Fact Met Fiction Season 2 and the rest is history. Since then she has helped produce the new show "Would You See It', quickly establishing herself as an invaluable member of the team. Moriah also has an uncanny ability to write morale boosting emails... which is extremely important as an AD.

Jennifer Anders Miller

Jennifer is a writer and performer whose vast experience in theater began with a degree from Mars Hill College. She worked with Robin as stage manager on past theatrical productions as well as 1st AD and scripty on other projects. She has been a part of the Liner House family pretty much from the beginning and has been very involved in the writing and production of the When Fact Met Fiction series. Add to that being an all around fun person and it's a no-brainer why she is a part of the Liner House family. 

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