Raven's Bluff

GENRE: Fantasy, Mystery, Romance

APROX. RUN TIME: 80 minutes

LOGLINE: An anti-social biologist hiking the Appalachians stumbles upon a lonely maiden being held captive by a sinister power.

Only $30,000 to make Raven's Bluff

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$ 5,000

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Raven’s Bluff – the Movie is the first feature-length, independent film production project for East Stream Group, LLC dba Liner House. The script is wholly-owned by Liner House and free-and-clear of copyright encumbrances. For persons interested in helping us fund this film, we are making the opportunity to do so available by accepting production loans for the sole purpose of bringing Raven’s Bluff – the Movie to market. Please find Production Loan Terms and Lender Acknowledgment below:

Production Loan Terms:

  • This is not an investment. No ownership in the business entity or partnership in the film project is expressed or implied.
  • This is a 100% unsecured, 0% interest, forgivable loan. Funding is restricted solely to the production costs of Raven’s Bluff – the Movie. A complete loss for the lender is possible. 
  • The only recoupment opportunity is income derived from a distribution deal. There is no guarantee of distribution, however, Liner House does have Sales Agent representation to the film distribution market. 
  • The only potential return for the lender beyond recoupment is derived from Producer Points* (see “How Producer Points Work”) earned post-distribution. The rate is 0.5 points for every $1,000 loaned for the production of Raven’s Bluff – the Movie.

Lender Acknowledgment:

By proceeding in review of the lending opportunity and further contact with Liner House, LCC regarding this opportunity, I/we acknowledge that a complete loss of funds loaned is possible and I/we certify that such a loss will not put me/us in financial hardship as a result. I/we also acknowledge that, in the unlikely event that Raven’s Bluff – the Movie does not enter production by September 1, 2023, Liner House will return borrowed principal in full to lender(s) by September 15, 2023.

*How Producer Points Work

A project is comprised of 100 points which derive their value from the project’s net proceeds (income minus expenses & liabilities). Once a project has recouped all expenditures and zeroed out all liabilities (ie. Production Loans), payments are made to those entities (corporate and individual) which hold points in the project. 

Recoupment & Points Payout Scenario:

Liner House is offering 0.5 points per every thousand dollars loaned to production. A loan of $4,000 would award the lender 2 Producer Points. Which means, if Liner House spent $30,000 on production and grosses $50,000 in sales, net proceeds would equal $20,000. In that scenario the lender would receive a payment of $4,400 ($4,000 loan repayment + 2% of net proceeds).

Additional Information:

  • Residual payments will continue to be made to point holders for as long as the project is exploited in the marketplace. 
  • Point holders maintain ownership of their points even if the rights to the film are sold and restructured under a different legal entity other than Liner House.
  • Points are transferable
  • Residual payments will be made every quarter or once a point holder’s balance equals $100.

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Mock movie poster for Raven's Bluff

A Modern Day Fairytale

The fantasy film genre is one of the most popular and stable genres in entertainment. And it’s no wonder why – the genre allows storytellers to create interesting new worlds and characters that have never before been experienced by audiences. And that’s just what we’ve done with Raven’s Bluff. 

The story takes place within the beautiful Appalachian mountains and escalates when Max Winthrop stumbles into the hidden realm of an evil landowner; a realm with shape-shifting ravens, deceptively charming cottages, and secret caves lit only by moonlight; a place where the passage of time is distorted, people age backward and truth is hidden by badly written poems. But most importantly, in this realm lives a beautiful woman held captive by an unseen barrier powered by her own terrible mistake made in self-serving desperation.
Raven’s Bluff takes us on a mystery-filled, heartwarming journey that reveals there is freedom for captives when promises kept overpower promises broken.

Days Until Production

It's Kinda Like...


A young biologist named Max is working on a research project while hiking along the Appalachian Trail. But when he ventures off the beaten path Max has a terrible fall that leaves him unconscious. When he wakes, Max is pleased to find himself in the care of a beautiful young woman named Arabella, who lives alone in a secluded cottage deep in the forest. Suffering a concussion, Arabella suggests he stay awhile and allow his body to heal before getting back on the trail. Max agrees but feels like she’s hiding something.

As Max spends more time with Arabella he discovers the cottage is owned by a cruel landlord, and comes to suspect Arabella and this landlord are somehow connected to the disappearance of his deceased professor’s wife, who went missing 20 years earlier. But as Max investigates further, he is shocked to discover Arabella is his professor’s wife, yet somehow is 20 years younger. Perplexed, Max confronts Arabella, who explains she has been kept there by the landlord, a wraith, who tricked her into a blood pact that has bound her to his domain where he feeds off the years she’s already lived. Each year Arabella remains in captivity she becomes one year younger. This will continue until she becomes a helpless infant and perishes.

Upon this revelation, Max is convinced his finding her wasn’t a coincidence and is determined to set her free. But when they try making their escape, the Laird overpowers them. Max tries fighting the Laird but is no match.  The Laird is about to dispatch Max when Max offers to make his own deal with the Laird. Intrigued, the Laird tells Max he will hear his offer, but that if he changes his mind, will make Arabella’s remaining years even more miserable than the last. Arabella pleads with Max not to make a deal with the Laird but Max believes he’s found a way to out smart him. So, against Arabella’s wishes, Max goes to confront the Laird. However, it isn’t long before she realizes what Max is planning and tries to stop him before it’s too late. Good versus evil takes a fresh spin in this modern day fairytale.


The World

Script Excerpt


Project Timeline

PROJECT DEVELOPMENT__________________________

PROJECT DEVELOPMENT__________________________

✓ Acquire Screenplay
    › (Fantasy, Mystery / 75 Pages)
✓ Key Attachments

    › (Producers, Actors and Crew)

✓ Create Budget

    › $30,000
↺ Raise Production Capital



  • May - July, 2023

↺ Additional Casting

↺ Additional Crewing

↺ Create Shoot Schedule

↺ Build Sets

    › Arabella's Cottage & Lord Raven's Lair

↺ Design, Acquire and Create Props & Wardrobe

PRODUCTION ______________________________________

PRODUCTION ______________________________________

  • August 31st - 5th, 2023
POST PRODUCTION _______________________________

POST PRODUCTION _______________________________

  • 9 -12 Weeks
SALES & DISTRIBUTION___________________________

SALES & DISTRIBUTION___________________________

  • 2 Years

The Creators

Stefan Liner

Writer / Director / Producer

Stefan is an award-winning filmmaker with nearly a decade of experience in commercial video and independent film production. As a writer, director, producer, actor and editor, his deep knowledge of the production process gives him a unique ability to get the most out of each story while staying on budget and on time. Stefan is a meticulous planner but is also comfortable going off script should unforeseen challenges arise during production. He does whatever it takes to finish and finish well.


Writer / Director / Producer

Robin Liner has been immersed in writing since she was a teenager. By the time she was 17, Robin had written and recorded two albums under the name, “Robyn Pope” which reached national recognition, topping many charts on Christian radio. In 2008 she began writing scripts. She’s written and directed two stage plays and penned several screenplays, one of which made the semi-finals for the Kairos Prize Screenplay Competition. In 2016 she joined forces with her son, Stefan Liner to produce an award winning web-series, a short film and has a catalog of 9 feature film scripts production ready as well as dozens in development.

The Cast

Stefan Liner

Max Winthrop

As one of the writers of Raven’s Bluff Stefan has a close connection with the project. He’s excited to bring the character of Max Winthrop to life because the internal struggles the character deals with are ones Stefan can personally relate to.

Madison Garris-photo

Arabella Hartman


Laird Raven


Arabella Hartman – Older


Burt Hartman


The Gypsy

The Crew


Director of Photography

Moriah Burchfield

1st Assistant Director

Ethan Liner_photo

Concept Artist

Madalyn Rogers-photo

Set Designer

David Rogers-photo

Prop Master

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