A complicated romance between a writer and his editor...

When Fact Met Fiction is a dramedy that follows the lives of the folks that work at Southern Sunset Magazine. Everything changes when a famous romance writer begins crafting romantic stories for the magazine. Watch the fun filled antics as the staff of Southern Sunset navigate through everything from controlling ‘Star contributors’ to budding romances.

Season 1

S1E1 - Welcome to Southern Sunset

S1E2 - The Iron Maiden

S1E3 - Poppy Stanhope

S1E4 - The Legend of Jessica Butz

S1E5 - The Ultimatum

S1E6 - Date 2 Mate

S1E7 - Christmas Kiss

S1E8 - The World Can Wait

S1E6 - Date 2 Mate

Season 2

S2E1 - How to Make an Entrance

S2E2 - How to Tell Someone You Care

S2E3 - How to be a True Friend

S2E4 - How to Become Official

S2E5 - How to Make a Mess

S2E6 - How to be a Great Kisser

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Picture of Stefan Liner

Stefan Liner

Stefan is one of the writers of this book. He likes mysteries...

Picture of Robin Liner

Robin Liner

Robin is one of the writers of this book. She likes mysteries...

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