Ready, Set, Pitch...

A competition style show where two storytellers have five minutes to come up with a pitch for a movie. Their source of inspiration? An untitled poster for a movie they’ve never seen.

Popular Episodes

E6 - The Biggest Wedgy vs. Su Mo's Comeback

E10 - Passion Punch vs. The Ballerina & The Boxer

E1 - Mind Your Own Business vs. Burt

E13 - Truth & The One Wielder vs. No Name

E16 - The Presidential Seal vs. Test of Security

E2 - Lilly of the Lake vs. See Weed

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Picture of Stefan Liner

Stefan Liner

Stefan is one of the writers of this book. He likes mysteries...

Picture of Robin Liner

Robin Liner

Robin is one of the writers of this book. She likes mysteries...

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