When Fact Met Fiction

When Fact Met Fiction is a dramedy that follows the lives of the folks that work at Southern Sunset Magazine. Everything changes when a famous romance writer begins crafting romantic stories for the magazine. Watch the fun filled antics as the staff of Southern Sunset navigate through everything from controlling 'Star contributors' to budding romances.

Episode 1

Ep 1. Welcome to Southern Sunset - The staff writer for Southern Sunset Magazine has just walked out the door as new editor Olivia Smith arrives leaving the magazine's owner Celeste Frank in a bind. With a deadline looming Celeste requests help from her brother-in-law Jon Frank.

Episode 2

Ep 2. The Iron Maiden - Olivia struggles to convince Jon that his articles don't fit Southern Sunset's already established literary style when Celeste reads a feedback from a reader commending the new style of writing that marries the technical with the imaginative. Olivia begins to wonder if she's the right editor for Southern Sunset.

Episode 3

Ep 3. Poppy Stanhope - Southern Sunset gets paid a visit by Poppy Stanhope, the magazines celebrity contributor. Poppy is a huge fan of Jon's new take on the articles for her recipes and offers him a job to write for her cooking show.

Episode 4

Ep 4. The Legend of Jessica Butz - When Jon misses his article deadline and Mel "plays hooky" from a meeting with Celeste, the women of Southern Sunset magazine are left to speculation and frustration.

Episode 5

Ep 5. The Ultimatum - She's baaaack! And unless Poppy Stanhope gets her way, the future does not look very bright for Southern Sunset magazine. Can Jon keep his big secret AND save the family business?

Episode 6

Ep 6. Date 2 Mate - Jon writes the description for Olivia's online dating profile to help her get more interactions. But when Olivia gets asked out, Jon gets a little jealous.

Episode 7

Ep 7. Christmas Kiss - Mel recruits Jon and Olivia to be the models for a photo for a Christmas issue of Southern Sunset. It doesn't take long for things to get steamy between Jon and Olivia, after all, there is mistletoe involved.

Episode 8

Ep 8. The World Can Wait - Jon is about to leave for his book tour when Celeste urges him to tell Olivia who he really is and how he feels about her, but when Olivia shows up at the office with her new boyfriend Giovanni, things get interesting.

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